Also known as ground source heat pumps, these systems provide heating, cooling and hot water all in one unit. Increased efficiency means maximum comfort while reducing expenses and your carbon footprint.



With a geothermal system installation, you can enjoy significantly lower utility bills and superior comfort year-round – all while doing your part to protect the environment. One of the most energy-efficient options available today, a geothermal heat pump keeps your home comfortable by transferring warm air in the summer and cold air in the winter into the ground. The result is quiet, even distribution of air for a fraction of what you’d spend to power a conventional heating or cooling system.

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A geothermal heating and cooling system is more efficient than a traditional central air conditioning and heating system, lowering your monthly costs significantly. There’s also a 30% tax credit available on the total cost of the system.



  • Safe and secure – no fuel exhaust, eliminating risk of carbon monoxide poisoning

  • Money in your pocket – most energy efficient heating and cooling systems available today

  • Earth friendly – uses very little electricity and enhances efforts to control pollution and green house emissions

  • Noise free environment – no noisy outdoor air conditioner on the side of your house

  • Less maintenance and service – only one system heats, cools and produces hot water.  Also, since its located inside the home, its not exposed to the harsh outdoor elements, which could lead to mechanical issues

  • Free hot water – a geothermal system can potentially reduce a standard home water heating cost by 50%

  • Longer life expectancy – average expected life expectancy of 20-25 years compared to the 13-15 expected from a typical conventional heating and cooling system

  • Flexibility – able to be installed in existing homes, new construction, small and large commercial structures

  • Comfort – geothermal provides more consistent air temperatures throughout the house eliminating hot and cold spots.  They also do a better job of air purification and dehumidification than conventional systems